We blew up, we grew and we will fly

Triip Aug 04, 2020
SpaceX preps upgraded Crew Dragon for static-fire test next weekI

Before every rocket launch, there is an important step call "Static Fire Testing."
At this stage, engineers fire the engines at full thrust. The engine is fired for a few seconds while the rocket, with or without payload attached, is held firmly attached to the launch mount. Most of the time, the rocket blows up at this stage. It looks like a waste of time and money to see hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of working hours burnt up. The data from such tests may be used to form a unique (rocket- and engine-specific) set of criteria as part of the go/nogo decision tree in the automated launch software that is used on the actual launch day, typically a few days later. And this data is priceless.

On 10th July, we launched the TriipMiles rocket without the "Static Fire Testing" due to time constraints.  

There is no need to describe the result.

Member entered wrong address causing the network to get stuck

From 10th July to 4th August 2020, we have the chance to gather data at the speed and amount we could never imagine before.

We learned about the threshold of our infrastructure.
We learned about how each member of the TriipMiles community reacts to an event like this one.
We learned how strong our unity as a whole as well as how weak we are as an individual.
We learned from the data we collected. We learned from the big explosion we made.

It took us 25-day to rebuild our infrastructure/ a new rocket engine. After testing the new system for withdrawing in the last 48 hours, we can see a 500% improvement over the previous system.

Telegram English Channel

We are not proud of what we have done. But I am proud of our kind community who have been patiently helping the team to fix the issue.

As we are the pioneer in building a decentralized travel economy, we will blow up more rockets like what SpaceX has done. But every time we make a mistake, we will make sure the data we collected is well-used.

Like our TriipMiles value, there will be up time and there will be downtime. As long as we continue to grow with a data-driven mindset, we will fly!