Triip Shopping version 1 is here!

Adventurer Nov 09, 2020

Dear pioneers,

In our 10-year roadmap, we will focus on travel in phase 1 from 2020 to 2023. Covid-19 has opened a new challenge for us to accelerate Phase 2 faster than the previous plan. We believe Lifestyle and Shopping will be our next big thing after travel services. Let's see our roadmap again below.

Our 1O-year Roadmap 

We have been testing Phase 2: Lifestyle and Shopping endlessly in the last 3 months. Imagine forcing yourself to learn an entirely new language and make money from it in 90 days.
It is tough but it is still nothing compared to the hardship of hundreds of thousands of fellow tour guides, travel businesses, especially SMEs across the world. We must find our way to survive so that our dream of building A Fairer Travel Economy to help others won't fade away.
Today, we are glad to announce our baby step into the Shopping industry is ready for testing. There will be a bug, limitation, please bear with us. We are improving our platform day by day to serve you better.

The key idea behind Triip Shopping is all about Personalisation. We wanted to give every traveler a personalized experience since we started in 2014. Now, in 2020, we want to give every traveler and shopper a tool to personalize their favorite gifts like T-shirts, Mugs, Hoodies, Masks, and more to come.

Personalsing high quality product in 3 simple steps

Travel companies, Tourism Boards and Brands are welcomed to co-design truly local gifts for global audiences. If you can't travel to a destination, you can still bring a piece of memory to your home whenever you are. We are looking forward to empowering more partners leveraging our technology to deliver truly unique and local products to every traveler in this tough time. Together we will find a way to make travel and shopping fairer.

Triip - A fairer travel economy
Buy unique products made just for you. Customize and buy shirts, mugs, masks, posters, pet bowls instantly