Triip Q1/ 2020 Update

Triip Apr 02, 2020

Triip expanded its network in Africa, the Stay Home Heroes campaign, and the future of post-pandemic cryptocurrencies

March closes the first quarter of 2020 with many important milestones. Triip team would like to share some important milestones as follows:

🏃🏾‍♀️Welcome to the African community

In March, Triip continued to maintain 200% MoM in terms of user growth. Our total number of users currently has over 160,000. Let's Triip welcome the latest community channel from Africa

Thanks CryptoJohn for being a Community Manager for Africa.

🎯 The “Stay Home Heroes” campaign

In response to UNWTO and Facebook's call for initiatives to help reverse the Covid19 pandemic, the Triip team completed in 72 hours a new feature that helps members around the world to perform home isolation. In a happier way.

Triip users will be able to receive 1 TriipMiles every day when taking photos at home for check-in. This campaign helps users share location data for the community and is also a way for Triip to increase users instead of just targeting the traveler community.

Official program website:

💰The future of post-pandemic cryptocurrencies

The US government, after launching an economic stimulus package, has proposed developing a cryptocurrency so that it can give benefits to everyone including those without a bank account number.

While the world stock market has plummeted without a brake, the cryptocurrency market has returned to a rapid recovery because, during the pandemic, users began to realize the necessity of considering the cryptocurrency channel as a necessary cross-border reserve.

Triip is working with the association of tour companies in the Americas to share general cryptocurrency knowledge as well as the benefits of TriipMiles for traditional businesses in the industry.

🚀 Product 🚀

Triip is at the last step in completing a direct connection to Agoda after more than 3 months of work. In addition, the team has completed upgrading the entire blockchain system since the first version was put into use in Q1 / 2019.

🚀 What's next for 2020 🚀

Q2 2020 ( Overcome the pandemic  )

  • Launch Stay Home Heroes campaign at
  • API integration with 80,000 attractions, tours and activities worldwide
  • Peer to peer transfer
  • Listing on Exchanges (follow TOMODEX)
  • Rent global Wifi devices with TriipMiles

Q3 & Q4 2020 ( Speeding up )_

  • Launch Patron feature (desktop version)
  • Launch Business Partner ( discount offer )
  • Upgrade new features for Business Partners (Media Targeting)
  • Launch decentralized approval and arbitration system
  • Launch Universal Travel Scoring system
  • Launch campaign

Many thanks to the help and support of Triip Community. in Q1. Team Triip will continue to grow to add value to the company in Q2 this year and accomplish the goals set out.


Sustainably yours,

Hai Ho