Travel Plan on hold. Don't Worry! Triip Pays for You to Stay at Home!

Triip Apr 02, 2020

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With the spread of COVID-19, Triip wants to lend a hand with the governments around the world to lessen the impact of the global pandemic by encouraging travelers to stay at home.

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Triip offers payment in their TIIM (travel points) for those who are self distancing and self quarantining, equal to 1 TIIM (~ $0.015) per day.

In the past 2 years, Triip has rewarded travelers who shared their travel plans. However, as all the travel plans are on hold during this period of time for your own health and community around you. Triip team has repurposed our Proof-of-Travel features to Proof-of-Stay in response to the  World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and Facebook’s call for initiatives helping to reverse the COVID-19 pandemic. We still want to bring happiness to our travelers and everyone during their time at home.

We will not only pay for you to stay at home for your own health safety, but we pay as a reward for mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

15 million points ($255,000) are ready for Triip users.

How does it work?

Users check-in at home and receive 1 TIIM (travel point) per day by submitting their pictures at home within the app.

How to submit Proof of Stay and get 1 TIIM!

What are the benefits of joining this initiative?

❶Your health

❷TIIM to travel later when this pandemic ends

❸A passive income when the economy is down due to the outbreak of COVID-19

When does it start and end?

Start today right after you read this post until the pandemic ends.

Check out the website for more information:


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