Triip hit break-even in September

Triip Oct 02, 2020

Our GMV grew 92.2% in September compared to August

Dear Pioneers,

For the first time in 2020, we hit the break-even point. It is an important milestone for us in the last 9 months. Our pilot test on Lifestyle and Shopping has turned out better than we expected. We are doubling down on the experiment this quarter while our hotel booking started picking up again.

📌Agoda integration is launched !

Users can now have 2 flexible options: Pay in advance with Credit Card or TriipMiles or Reserve, Pay the property and receive cash-back in TriipMiles

🎯 TriipMiles supports Hybrid Contract Trading and Liquidity Mining via Biki Exchange

In non-crypto language, users can now earn TriipMiles by testing their trading skills. For Hybrid Contract trading, users can predict the uptrend or downtrend of Bitcoin and earn TriipMiles if the prediction is correct.

For Liquidity Mining, users who perform grid trading for TIIM/USDT and meet the mining conditions will receive double rewards in grid profits + liquidity mining rewards.

This is an additional option for users to grow their TriipMiles through decentralized finance services.

📌The first demo from Triip’s AI/ML team

We are proud to share the latest fruit from our small AI/ML team led by Professor Minh Le. Our AI now starts to recognize face, text, and timestamp on the KYC document. It would compare to the current database stored on our blockchain infrastructure to identify new or existing users.

Now we have a working product, it is time to find a name for our AI

Watch our demo video below

🚀 “Triip, Globaltix, And Tour Operators United Join Forces To Debut A Fairer & Greener Travel Marketplace "

Digital, mobile-first tour management software and a member-owned travel network, two key contributions to the travel industry that are being offered by Triip, GlobalTix, and Tour Operators United, which will help to fortify and grow the travel sector amid the pandemic.

Through this network, Triip aims to establish a fairer travel economy serving member operators at a lower commission rate than existing OTA’s.

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Thank you for your time, we are looking forward to sharing our journey again next month.


Sustainably yours,