Triip, Globaltix, And Tour Operators United Join Forces To Debut A Fairer & Greener Travel Marketplace

Triip Sep 26, 2020

In a two-pronged approach, three global travel players are seeking to strengthen the travel industry’s long-term health via a push for a fairer and greener tourism industry.

SINGAPORE, SEPTEMBER 26th, 2020 - Digital, mobile-first tour management software and a member-owned travel network, two key contributions to the travel industry that are being offered by Triip, GlobalTix, and Tour Operators United, which will help to fortify and grow the travel sector amid the pandemic.

Through this network, Triip aims to establish a fairer travel economy serving member operators at a lower commission rate than existing OTA’s.

The Big Picture for Travel post Covid

What to expect:

  1. Finally, a next generation, end to end, decentralized marketplace and global travel management system for thousands of Tour Operators to directly connect to Travel Agents and Travelers
  2. Dramatically lowered fees thus enhancing financial viability and viability of the greater tourism network. The marketplace would operate with a 2 percent fee compared to the industry average of 20 percent and above.
  3. Members will also earn TriipMiles tokens, upon registration and upon every successful booking made through the platform. In the near future, members can use tokens for governance purposes. The marketplace will be run by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), not a centralized company.
  4. 1% of all bookings to fund initiatives helping the industry recover from Covid-19.
A Fairer Travel Economy

In spite of the pandemic, the travel industry must move forward in a more sustainable way for both traveler and supplier. It will take bold solutions like TriipExperiences, built in the present, to forge a stronger, more profitable, and greener tomorrow.

How do travelers benefit?

With a direct connection to agents and operators in the locations they will be traveling, you cut out the middleman, and the middleman fees.  This will make for more affordable travel offers.  Travelers also will earn TriipMiles by uploading trip plans, booking trips, and referrals.  TriipMiles can be used as currency to book their next vacation. Travelers can also participate in social initiatives automatically for every booking without paying extra.

Why now?

"In relation to travel, Tour Operators and Travel Agencies were hit the hardest during this pandemic. Being at the mercy of large OTA's and suppliers meant no control over refunds, policies, customer care or retention. TriipExperiences puts the power back where it belongs, connecting Operators and Agents directly to each other and the traveler. We love this. TriipExperiences is an OTA who's bottom line is not dependent on commission, but rather traveler and seller usage. This is a game changer. This along with increased popularity in digital currency puts TriipExperiences at the forefront of a much needed evolution of OTAs.  Globaltix offering an affordable booking platform that easily interacts with Triip is the cherry on top. We’re excited to be the first to introduce the pair to our Operator and Agent partners!" Nancy Walsh, administrator of Tour Operators United and owner of Webkinex.

For those who sign up in 2020, GlobalTix has generously offered the Tour Operators United Group FREE services for 90 days, and discounted rates thereafter.  Travel Agents can access both systems for FREE to book Operator offers.

To sign up as a Tour Operator or Travel Agent on the GlobalTix platform or to take advantage of the FREE 90 day software offer go to:

For Tour Operators:

For Travel Agents:  


About Tour Operator United

Tour Operators United is an exclusive community of tour and activity operators -- TOU and it’s administrators provide access to all the best industry related content and advice from an all-star curating team. It is the largest community of Tour Operators on facebook. Tour Operators United believes there is power in numbers.

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About GlobalTix

Ranked as one of the Financial Times’ top 100 high growth companies in APAC region, GlobalTix is an online ticketing and distribution platform focused on the travel industry, powering both small and medium sized attractions and tour operators, connecting tourist activities to travel agents around the globe.  The platform is currently used by renowned attraction operators like Gardens by the Bay, National Gallery Singapore, and partners with industry players such as Singapore Airlines and many global online travel agents (OTAs). Globaltix can be found at

About Triip

Triip Pte. Ltd., a VC-backed Singapore-based startup that provides a first-to-market blockchain solution for sustainable travel, while aiming to shake up the 8 trillion dollar travel market industry. Triip’s technology solutions are addressing the biggest problem in the current travel economy, a place dominated by inefficient & giant middlemen, while building incentive-driven and decentralized systems. This breakthrough solution cuts out the middleman and provides direct access to unique, accessible travel experiences, never before possible.

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