Travel Postponed? Here Are Some Other Fun Things You Can Do While Staying At Home

Happiness Apr 23, 2020

Since the global pandemic hits up, any travel plans have been put on hold. It is a great opportunity as we are all spending more and more time inside the house these days, bonding with our loved ones. Staying home to "flatten the curve" has become commonplace, but being home could lead to boredom and stir craziness. So what are some things to do while we are stuck inside due to the Covid-19 Quarantine?

Here are some activities that will give you some fun this time of pandemic:

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Broaden Your Imagination: Read A Book

One of the most common ways of passing the time is with a good book. Taking time out to read a book will also keep you mentally stimulated, reduce stress, and improve your memory. The stress of staying at home and not being able to travel can quickly be eased after immersing yourself into a story of faraway lands, a good mystery, or maybe even a romance novel with a storybook ending.

With the prevalence of e-readers and online bookstores, the selection and availability of a virtually endless library are at our fingertips, and you don't have to leave home to add to your library. It is also an excellent way to reconnect with your loved ones, and you can take turns in reading books and sharing ideas or making the best conclusion out of what you have read. If you have kids, well, reading them stories would be a great bonding experience, plus the fun of spending more close time with them.

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Enhance Your Intercommunication Skills: Learn a New Language

With Rosetta Stone's quick dive into a new language, you'll start digesting the nuances of a new language in just a matter of minutes. In today's increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, being somewhat proficient in other languages is a valuable skill that allows you to engage with the world in a more immediate and meaningful way.

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There are also many cognitive benefits of learning languages, as people who speak more than one language typically have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask, and better listening skills.

So why not take this time and give it a try, there is even a learning program that is as simple as scrolling through Instagram. If you have plans on traveling to another country, well, for sure you have plans, then learning their language will be an advantage. Make use of your time and learn ahead. You can make the most out of your future travels when you learn the language of your next destination.

Exercise Your Mental Abilities: Try a Jigsaw Puzzle or a Board Game

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Let's bring back the old times as now is a good time to put away the cellphones, turn off the video games and clear off the kitchen table to dump out the jigsaw puzzle box. Not only are puzzles proven to sharpen fine-motor skills, reduce stress, and improve memory function, but puzzles have also been proven to help build teamwork and cooperation. Plus, they can reduce the arguing.

Board games are excellent sources of family fun, and with the newfound time on our hands, even games that require time, like Monopoly or Risk, are great choices for a "Family Game Night." One way to make this spice up is, the loser of each game will toss a dollar and it will be used for your next family travel trip. You'll never know how much money you'll stock up before the pandemic melts down, and you're ready for your next adventure.

Fine Tune Your Sports: Practice At Home

If your sports travel was canceled, you can practice at your home to sharpen your skills. Obviously, there are limitations to what you can do while inside or at your backyard, but if you focus on the correct types of practice, the time off can be productive.

For example, with golf, an indoor putting greens are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be set up in most living rooms without getting too much in the way.

With basketball, for sure, if you are an enthusiast, then you have a court in your backyard. If you don't have once, you can make a DIY basketball ring and practice your shooting skills.

If you are a triathlete, you can tune up by lifting weights, running, and biking in your neighborhood as long as you take precautionary measures. If your community has a strict lockdown rule, then you can do some exercise at home to stay in shape.

Other than your sports, well, maybe it is time to learn a new hobby. You caFrom knowing how to play golf at home to some other fun-sporty activities such as tug of war, indoor bowling, water fun games, etc.

So, while we all do our part to keep the virus in check and get the world back to normal as soon as possible, there are several options to stay busy while staying home during this quarantine. You can plan ahead for your next travel for the next couple of months. Until then, you are Stay Home Hero.

Articles written by Jordan Fuller - a golf enthusiast and a traveler. He wanted to share some fun activities for those who are staying at home to "flatten the curve".