Little Things Make A Big Difference. Will You Join?

Sustainability Apr 03, 2020

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We are in an unprecedented situation and the normal rules no longer apply. We cannot resort to the usual tools in such unusual times. The creativity of the response must match the unique nature of the crisis - and the magnitude of the response must match its scale.

UN Secretary -General, António Guterres

More than 1million people have effected coronavirus and 51,000 people have died in more than 170 countries [Ahn Young-joon/AP]

We are living in unprecedented times. Global cases Exceed 1 Million and at least 51,000 have died in more than 170 countries. And in U.S - country has the most confirmed cases is facing a shortage of lifesaving medications.

So to reverse the pandemic, it is not only the works of government officials and health care professionals nor WHO. It’s the duty of everyone now join hand to lessen the impact of the global pandemic.

Because you know what?

Little things make a big difference as long as we do together.

You have the power to change the world. So does everyone. So let see how people around the world are helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

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Balcony Concert in Spain while Social Distancing

Experts agree that the COVID-19 outbreak cannot be stopped, but that can be slowed through the implementation of social distancing measures. By limiting human contact, we can reduce the transmission rate significantly.

Good example of How Social Distancing reduce the transmission rate

But as you know, it’s not fun staying home and not hanging out with your friends for quite a long time.  People around the world come up with different ways to cheer up each other during this social distancing time.
It’s not only boost people to feel better but form a new relationship between people in a new way.

So welcome to balcony concert in Spain:

Spread Kindness - Human Awesomeness from Upworthy

Against a backdrop of the worst global crisis the world has faced since WWII, threatening everyone, the best way we can choose to deal with it is a global solidarity over disunity, the kindness over the hatress.

And like Yuval Noah Harari (author of Sapiens) said: “If we choose global solidarity, it will be a victory not only against the coronavirus, but against all future epidemics and crises that might assail humankind in the 21st century.”

Upworthy - a website dedicated to positive story. So on Upworthy’s instagram now shares nothing but the best of humanity. And as what they called is the examples of human awesomeness.

Take a look of Upworthy's instagram:

A public figure cover salary to the staffs

Heroes aren't only the doctors.

Mental health in the age of the COVID-19

The pandemic spreads an existenitial feeling of unsafety. It alters your nervous system, changing the way you see and perceive the threat.

Most people think that the fact you cannot hang out, go outside make the situation get worse as everyone is practicing self quarrantining. However, Martha Welch - a Columbia professor said: “Being together  is not the same as being connected”.  So you don’t need to be with someone to have a sense of connecting. Ms Martha and other experts endorse anything rhythmic. Anything that I will create an experience of attunement: singing , dancing, yoga, deep eye contact, daily ritual games.

So here we have a suggestion for you to improve your mental health during this stressful period. Balance meditation app offers one year free subscription for iOS.

So yes, take care of your physical health but don’t forget to take care of mental health.

Increase focus, knowledge, and memory.
Photo by Ksenia Makagonova / Unsplash

Here are 3 reasons why you should try to meditate that hope you will download this app after. It is difficult to find a free meditation app at this moment when the world is in need of it.

  • Meditation may boost the immune system
  • Meditation can help relieve anxiety
  • Meditation can help to improve emotional health

Stay at Home Heroes with Triip - in the response to World Tourism Organization and Facebook’s call for initiatives

Four months ago, no one knew that COVID-19 existed. The current situation, the virus has spread to almost every country. Job losses around the world are shaking the global economy.  Layoffs in global tourism are mounting at the rate of one million a day, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council.  Hospitals are full of people. States face shortage of Life-saving medications while America is supposed to be the readiest of nations. It failed.

So even the most well-equipped health systems cannot handle that. How about other countries?

To “flatten the curve", people must isolate themselves from other to cut of chains of transmission. Stay at home is not easy.  No-one can deny it.

So Triip join to give the stay at home more fun by reward users travel points (TIIM) when users check-in at home. They repurposing their Proof of Travel to Proof of Stay at the moment of crisis. With all travel points accumulate day by day staying at home. People can use it later to book hotels and tours within their app.

Check out the website to become Stay Home Heroes!

The mission to stop this pandemic is in hand of everyone. It doesn’t mater which industry you are working now. So here are some solutions from all the people who know less than the doctors but willing to contribute. Which one you want to join? Or are these solutions give you any interesting idea?

Because as the UN Secretary -General said: “We are in an unprecedented situation and the normal rules no longer apply. We cannot resort to the usual tools in such unusual times.”

I hope you know

Little thing does matter!

Pink gerbera up close
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