It's Time to Look on The Bright Side of The Pandemic

COVID-19 Mar 20, 2020
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In light of the recent developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Triip hopes you have received enough accurate information from WHO, from your government.
And we think it is enough warning. It is enough of bad news from the number of people who got effected.
Today, no more bad news about the pandemic. We want to share you something more positive. Because the most important thing is not keep you physically healthy but mentally stable among this tough times.

Countries Lockdown - Reducing air pollution

The Lockdown may save more lives from pollution reduction than are threatened by the virus itself, said François Gemenne, director of  The Hugo Observatory , which studies the interactions between environmental changes, human migration, and politics.

“Strangely enough, I think the death toll of the coronavirus at the end of the day might be positive, if you consider the deaths from atmospheric pollution,” said Gemenne, citing, for example, the 48,000 people who die annually in France because of atmospheric pollution and the more than one million in China.

Scientists estimate the U.S. death toll from air pollution at more than 100,000 per year, and the World Health Organization estimates the global toll at 7 million.

  • Coronavirus Lockdown Likely Saved 77,000 Lives In China Just By Reducing Pollution
  • NO2 level drops over Italy
Nitrogen dioxide levels disappear over China during the coronavirus lockdown and then begin to reappear as the Chinese economy resumes last week. Note that the lockdown began earlier in Wuhan, depicted in the graphic at the top of this page, than in this nationwide image, dominated by emissions near Beijing. C:CREACLEANAIR

More information on Forbes.

Travel Bans - "Travel with our minds, not our bodies"

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Cambridge University Press just made all  its textbooks (700+) open access.

"Cambridge University Press is making higher education textbooks in HTML format free to access online during the coronavirus outbreak.

Over 700 textbooks, published and currently available, on Cambridge Core are available regardless of whether textbooks were previously purchased. Free access is available until the end of May 2020".

Other  publishers have open free access too, including:

Check more publisher here.


The Metropolitan Opera will stream operas for free in wake of Coronavirus.

Join virtual tours from the best museums through Google Arts & Culture.

Watch top 10 Best Travel Movie to get inspiration and life lessons from those captivating stories.


National Trust opens parks, gardens and coasts for free during period of social-distancing, according to Lonely Planet.

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Free one- year subscription to Balance to learn meditation. 5 minute meditation everyday bring a huge benefits not to your physical health but mental health too.

Waking up to catch sunrise with the early morning yoga routine.
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"A blank space for new beginning"- Li Edelkoort, one of the world's most influential trend forecasters

This is an extract from an interview with Li Edelkoort from Dezeen. For the full interview, you can click here.

"The impact of the outbreak will force us into slowing down the pace, refusing to take planes, working from our homes, entertaining only amongst close friends or family, learning to become self-sufficient and mindful. Suddenly the fashion shows look bizarre and out of place, the travel ads that enter our computer space seem invasive and ridiculous, the thought of future projects is vague and inconclusive: will it even matter? Every new day we question each system we have known since birth, and are obliged to consider their possible demise.

For several years we have understood that in order to survive as a species and to keep the planet going we need to make draconian changes to the way we live, travel, consume and entertain. There is no way we can continue to produce as many goods and the many choices we have grown accustomed to. The debilitating mass of information about nothing at all has numbed our culture. There is a growing awareness amongst younger generations that ownership and the hoarding of clothes and cars is no longer even attractive."

As Li Edelkoort said that it is very sad for the families of the people that already gave their lives to this new illness. Hopefully, they did not die in vain as the world will strive to resurrect human dignity and survival. The pandemic is cruel. We can choose either to blanket ourselves with worry and fear. We can choose to look on the bright side of the pandemic and appreciate more what we have at this moment. Keep spreading the positive news.

And if you are reading until the end, this is a small project to share the good vibe everyday to your email from our friend. Just a minor thing is we are doing it in Vietnamese. So here to the Vietnamese friends, this is a good source to looking for positive vibe right at the moment you wake up:

Thank you and Stay positive!

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