Asking The Right Questions for Your Future Trip

Adventurer Mar 27, 2020

Travel is disrupted by the pandemic. No one is thinking about travel at this moment. No one has the mood for planning right now. Yes, I know!

But planning for your next travel will cheer you up these days when you are stuck at home. But the thing is, people don't like planning for travel because too many questions to answer. Trust me, if you search the keyword :"Questions before traveling". You will see they suggest a lot of questions!

The results on Google when you search for keyword "Questions before traveling"

And trust me, you don't need to ask yourself a lot of questions to plan for your upcoming trip. Just 5 questions is enough. Asking yourself these rights questions will help you maximize your travel experience later.

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Where do you want to go?

Alice in Wonderland scence 

Remember in the Alice in Wonderland when Alice asked Cheshire cat which road she takes. The cat asked Alice where she wants to go but Alice didn't know where. So the picture is how the cat responded.

The most and the first question you have to ask yourself is where do you want to travel.

If you don't have any idea yet, try to remember the last time you scrolled newsfeed on facebook or in instagram. Did you get excited or jealous for seeing your friend's travel picture? If yes, research about that place again to decide whether you want to travel there or not.

This question also relating to your budget:

If you have the budget for luxury travel, check on those magazine: Conde Nast or Travel + Leisure.

If you're working with a mid-range budget, thinking about travel to Asia countries, especially South East Asian area. Check Lonely Planet for those destinations.

If you have tight budget for travel, travel within your country, go local, not global or even staycation is a good idea to get quick relax without travel too much.

What is your budget?

Thinking about your budget will set your expectation before the trip.If you have the budget for luxury travel, it won't be a big deal.

But if you want to be a budget traveler, you have to set up your expectation that your flight will be longer than other people, you have to sleep at the airport when taking the late flight to save some bucks. What else, you cannot go to Singapore, Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Bhutan, etc. Those countries always on the top list to be the most expensive country or city.

But that doesn't mean we demotivate from your future trip. If you don't have big budget, thinking about connect to local people in the place you want. Ask them for suggestions choosing the right services. Book tour directly to a local tour operators.

Or just download app Triip, and earn for your next trip. Because you will have to wait quite long until the government lift up travel ban and lockdown. Once you accumulate enough travel points (we call TIIM), you can book from 29, 061, 201 listings in 228 countries and more than 80,000 tours&activities in Triip app.

Maximize your travel by knowing your budget well.

What type of trip you want to take?

Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have tea first?

Are you looking for an adventure, something active?Or just want to relax?

Would you like your trip to be of a historical nature or a cultural exchange?

Do you enjoy wildlife? Mountain ranges, sandy beaches or enchanting cities?

Would you like travel within your country or go abroad?

If you don't know where to go yet? These questions also help to choose the destinations. If you know where to go, these questions help you to choose the tour operator or give you a big picture about your trip.

What is the length of your trip?

The length of the trip relating to your luggage. How many things do you need to prepare? Do you need to buy more because the place you come has totally different kind of weather in your home country?

If you have burdens on the time limit to return to work, make sure you spend times to plan your trip carefully so you make the most of your time.

And if you are lucky to have a private business or you are retired, long duration isn't a big deal. Even that, make sure the destinations you choose within your trip is arranged logically so you don't feel too exhausted after the trip.

So here is my advice, no matter you hate planning for your travel or not. During this social-distancing time, spend sometime to ask you 5 questions. And answer it. Just simple as that and you have your own travel plan already.

You don't want to be the rabbit situation!

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