Our August GMV grew 260% compared to the previous year

Triip Aug 31, 2020

Hitting S$51,097.96 GMV in our pilot test

Dear pioneers,

In our 10-year roadmap, we will focus on travel in phase 1 from 2020 to 2023. Covid-19 has opened a new challenge for us to accelerate Phase 2 faster than the previous plan. We believe Lifestyle and Shopping will be our next big thing after travel services.

Our 1O-year Roadmap 

Instead of waiting passively for Covid-19 to pass, we have tested our hypothesis on lifestyle shopping since 10th Aug 2020. To our surprise, the early test result is quite promising. However, since we have just started, our profit margin is only 2% at the moment.

We are working on accelerating Phase 2 even faster to hit break-even before Covid-19 ends.

🎯 TriipMiles is now listed on the world's most-referenced price-tracking website for crypto assets.

After passing trading liquidity, spread, and depth criteria, the 2 leading price-tracking websites for crypto assets have listed TriipMiles as verified crypto.

Now you can track our trading data easily at www.triipmiles.com/price

📌Agoda integration is on track for end September launch

As we have shared in the previous month, we are on track to launch Agoda integration very soon.

Users can now have 2 flexible options: Pay in advance with Credit Card or TriipMiles or Reserve, Pay the property and receive cashback in TriipMiles

📌6,000+ National IDs from 131 countries has been processed by our Machine Learning algorithm

Every user at Triip needs to complete their banking-grade KYC process. However, it is a challenging task for our team as our users came from many different countries and spoke more than 50 languages.

Our AI team start to recognize face, text, and timestamp on the KYC document. This algorithm would enable us to process 10x faster than our usual process.

Thank you for your time, we are looking forward to sharing our journey again next month.