Oktoberfest for Triip and blockchain industry

Triip Oct 31, 2020

Dear Pioneers,

This month, we hit the break-even point again. That’s our first good news while the second one is a big one. As you may have read in the media, PayPal will offer crypto payments starting in 2021.

“Crypto is all about trust, and PayPal has a very high level of trust with its users. If the UI/UX of the service is done right, we will see millions of new users join each month.” Alex Mashinsky, CEO of the crypto lending platform Celsius said.

To make October even better. DBS Bank - Singapore's largest lender accidentally leaked a version of a crypto exchange online. It was made public for a short while but later taken down, said the platform would list four top cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash, against multiple fiats, including the Singapore dollar, US dollar, Hong Kong dollar, and Japanese yen.

Industry observers say that if approved, the DBS Digital Exchange could be one of the world's first crypto exchanges backed by a traditional bank.

DBS leaked version of its new digital exchange

📌We proudly serve the travel industry with a new title

As Triip and myself have been a member of the great Pacific Asia Travel Association since 2015, it is our honor to be elected as one of the youngest Vice Chairman of the Board at the Association.

We take on this role to contribute my part to both PATA and the global sustainable travel movement which is growing with strength and resilience around the world. We are mindful that we are still living in a COVID-19 world where our fellow tour guides, travel agents, hoteliers, etc. are fighting against all odds to keep travelers safe and sound.


🎯 TriipMiles hits all-time-high Trading volume via Biki Exchange and TomoDex - decentralized exchange

In September, we observed a daily trading volume of around $40 - $50,000. On October 24, we hit a daily trading volume of $102,360. The surge in daily trading volume came from our second exchange listing on TomoDex and the confidence from the market after Paypal news.

📌What’s next ?

We are at the final stage before the official launch of Triip Shopping in November after two months of testing and building an entirely new e-commerce platform from scratch.

With the rise of Wave 3 Covid in Euro, American, and Asia, we understood that Covid is here to stay. That is why Triip needs to accelerate our transformation into a profit-first Lifestyle platform.

Here is our plan for the rest of the year.

October 2020:

⛳️ Improve data exchange scheme for daily activities. Please update the latest app version.
⛳️ API integration test for Globaltix.
⛳️ Stress-test on AI algorithm for KYC process.

November 2020:

🚀 Triip Shopping version 1 on web.
🚀 Triip Experiences Private Alpha version for Tour Operators.

December 2020:

🚀 Triip Shopping version 2 & Triip Experiences version 1.
⛳️ Wallet Upgrade: Peer 2 Peer transfer, In-app KYC.
⛳️ Release Q1/2021 Roadmap.

Our laser focuses on building the most important product - our team. It is our answer to survive and thrive through the pandemic. The travel platform, the lifestyle platform, or a decentralized bank is purely the by-product of the team.

Nevertheless, our mission stays the same.

Thank you for your time, we are looking forward to sharing our journey again next month.


Sustainably yours,