Notable November for Annie - our AI

Triip Dec 03, 2020

Dear Pioneers

📌 Annie - our AI algorithm achieved 96.7% accuracy

Investing in AI/ML is always a long-term effort. We have started our AI/ML team in August. It took more than 120 days with our limited resources to achieve an acceptable accuracy rate on Face Detection and OCR.

We are confident to share that we can speed up our KYC process up to 100x faster than usual.

📌What’s next ?

In December 2020, we are focusing on these 3 milestones.

🚀 Triip Shopping version 2 & Triip Experiences version 1.
⛳️ Wallet Upgrade: Peer 2 Peer transfer.
⛳️ Release Q1/2021 Roadmap.

Thank you for your time, we are looking forward to sharing our journey again next year.