How to withdraw, use, earn more and grow with TriipMiles (TIIM) ?

Guides Aug 06, 2020

Updated 6th August 2020

But first, what is TriipMiles/ TIIM?

TIIM is a digital currency for the travel industry, just like Dollar for the US, Pound for England, Yen for Japan...  

The big difference is that the TIIM supply is fixed at 500,000,000 tokens while governments can print as much money as they need.

Only 500M TIIM for a market of 10B travelers around the world. And you are one of the first who owns TIIM.

Don't you want to be the first person owned Bitcoin 10 years ago?

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When can I withdrawal TIIM?


We have listed  TIIM on exchange ( Top 30 biggest exchange in the world according to where you can sell your TriipMiles directly to other buyers who believe in the future value of TriipMiles.

More people, more data, more data, higher TIIM value on digital currency exchange. Therefore, while waiting for TIIM to be listed on an exchange, let's do your best to be active on our app, invite more friends to Triip app.

Can I withdrawal TIIM to my bank account?

Yes. Through Biki exchange!  

First you trade from TIIM to USDT ( digital USD).  Then you can use a Peer 2 Peer service like Binance P2P to sell USDT to a local buyer in your country to get cash in Bank account.

Can I withdrawal TIIM to my bank account directly?

We are working on it.
You will be able to withdraw TIIM directly to a bank account via the Triip app.
Our system will check how much TIIM is worth at that moment. Then we will process the withdraw via our global partner. A week later, your money will be in the bank.

Can I use TIIM to pay for my travel?


You can pay for 6,000+ unique local experience in 100 countries now with TIIM.

You will be able to book 29M hotels and homes in 229 countries with your TIIM inside Triip app in September 2020. The feature is made possible by our partnership with Agoda.

You will be able to book 80,000 ticket attractions, shows, tours in 100 countries by the end of October 2020.

How many people own TriipMiles?

The best thing about TriipMiles or blockchain technology, in general, is transparency.

You can always check in real-time how many people own TriipMiles, how many transactions happened.

Click right here:

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Is it too good to be true? What's the catch?

We need users, 10 million users, just like you to make it work.  


Cross-border travel and payment systems are outdated with many middlemen. Businesses are losing a huge amount of profits while travelers are paying unnecessary costs.

The outdated travel economy.

So why don’t we have newer, better systems? Because there’s a “chicken and egg” barrier — no traveler will join a new travel network with no supplier, and no supplier will accept a new payment option that no traveler uses.
Now imagine a new traveling system with a dedicated global currency that somehow got buyers and sellers to adopt it, this system would quickly become popular. It could eventually become an 8.8 trillion dollar economy per year.

The future of travel economy powered by TriipMiles

The dedicated global currency is called TriipMiles. According to economic models, the value of all TriipMiles would be several trillion dollars.
Triip is reserving this TriipMiles currency for travelers and everyone who works in the industry who join today — the earlier you join the more TriipMiles you can reserve!

Got it? Share your travel data to earn TriipMiles now ? Click here

Is it too good to be true? What's the catch?

We need you to complete KYC ( Know-Your-Customer) process

If you want to open a bank account anywhere in the world, you need to complete KYC. It is a required standard practice to fight against Money Laundering and other Financial Crimes.
Triip system is a decentralized bank with a real digital currency TriipMiles. We have to comply with international laws to make sure your money is safe.
To keep your money safe, you will need to spend 15 minutes to complete our KYC process.

Instruction: KYC on Triip
Dear Valuable Users, Please go to Triip Wallet ( and log in your Triip Protocol account to apply KYC authentication. Necessary info inclu

Why is the TriipMiles currency built on blockchain? What are the advantages?

Triip leverages blockchain technology to create a payment structure that uses TriipMiles (TIIM) as a native currency for all transactions occurring within the Triip ecosystem. That includes paying for services such as tours, hotels, taxis, travel data (for corporates and individuals) and other travel-related services.
Think each wallet is a bank account that can be used to pay for all travel expenses, but on top of a blockchain.
With 6 years of experience operating in the tourism industry, Triip recognizes the inefficiency, delay time and costly cross-border transaction fee, which causes unpleasant experience and lack of fund flexibility for users (buyers and service providers). Hence Triip decides to remodel our business to build a travel data marketplace with TriipMiles as the native currency for transacting.
Our master plan is to penetrate the financial market (ie. banking) with TriipMiles with all functions available as the current market provides: saving, earn interest by staking, borrowing, lending, etc. for the tourism industry.
Only now it’s fully transparent, no holidays and power given back to platform users. We believe in building a structure that one can strive and prosper without being at the expense of others.