How did Triip conclude Q2/2020?

Sustainability Jun 30, 2020

Dear Pioneers,

While our Triip team is working hard to expand to a new market, we hope you still stay safe and sound wherever you are. Since we can’t travel to meet each other in real life, I truly appreciate your permission to share our journey with you occasionally.

Let’s start!

🎯 - one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with an accumulated 3 million registered users is helping Triip to expand to China market.

Headquartered in Singapore, is a global cryptocurrency exchange ranked Top 20 on CoinMarketCap. has received investments from Huobi co-founder Du Jun, Genesis Capital Zhu Huai Yang, FBG Capital, ChainUP, and others. Triip is honored to work alongside Biki to bring our travel ecosystem to China market.

🎯 Triip will start giving all tour operators in Vietnam, North, and South America free tour management software in 6 months

During a recent conference in Hoi An town, Quang Nam province in Vietnam, Triip has made a small contribution to all tour operators globally by offering free tour management and channel manager software in 6 months.

Mr. Le Tri Thanh -Chairman of the people's committee in Quang Nam has welcomed our initiative to boost local tourism.
Presenting about Triip at Quang Nam conference 

🚀 Triip acquired 100,000 new users in Q2/2020. 300% growth compared to Q1/2020

Covid-19 may have slow down how people travel but not the desire to travel. 100,000 new users have been using our platform to create a travel plan for 2021 and beyond.

🚀 Strengthening our Machine Learning/AI capability with a new Data scientist.

Triip team has just welcomed Professor Minh Le to join our team as Data Scientist.

Professor Minh Le completed his Postdoc at Institut de recherche pour le développement in France and his Ph.D. in the domain of AI and Machine Learning at the University of Paris 13, France.

With his help, we are looking forward to significantly improve our automation system and cyber-attack prediction.

Thank you for reading, we are looking forward to sharing our journey next month.


Sustainably yours,