Stay Home Heroes - It's Interesting But How Is The Process?

Support Apr 02, 2020

This is all Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about new Triip's initiative - Stay Home Heroes. The initiative not only pay for you because you stay at home during this self distancing time but for your help to lessen the impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

We pay you to stay home. That's all you need to do to stop the pandemic.

Term’s explanation:

TIIM: To make it is easy to understand, consider this is travel points. Once you accumulate enough points, you can use it for other purposes (of course within Triip App)

In the high level of explanation: TIIM is Triip’s cryptocurrency with can use to trade services within Triip App. More information about TriipMiles (TIIM or travel points)

1.How to become Stay Home Heroes?

You are a Stay Home Heroes by check-in at home, submit your Proof of Stay daily to prove that you’re self-distancing and stay at home to protect yourself and your family.

2. What is Proof of Stay (POS)?

A photo of you are at home or a photo of your lovely home (your workplace at home, things around your house) or anything that you can take a photo while staying at home. Don’t forget to enable the location on your phone.

3. How many times can I submit POS?

Once (1) per day.

4. What is my benefit as being a Stay Home Hero?

You get rewarded 1 TIIM (travel points) for every POS submitted.

5. How can I know that I receive my reward?

Just check your wallet balance and the wallet event.

6. How can I view my submissions?

Just click on View Past Submissions.

7. How can I add my location?

Just enable your location (Go to setting > Choose Triip App > Choose location > Choose “always") and we’ll do the rest.

8. How do you know that I stay at home?

When you check in one place for 14 days, then we know you’re staying home. Simple as that.

9. Is my information safe with you?

Yes. Always.

10. How long does Stay Home Hero initiative last?

Till the pandemic is gone.

11. What can I do with TIIM?

Use TIIM for travel later. Book tours, hotels, vouchers. More to come.

12. How can I know my submission is successful?

We show you the upload progress. 100% is successful

13. If I already submitted a photo, what can I see if I press on the button?

You can view previous submissions.

14. When can I use the TIIM to book accommodation and tours?
You already can book local tours with TIIM from 227 countries in Triip App. Hotel booking with TIIM will be available at the end of Q2/2020. However, we still have to wait until the pandemic ends before traveling again. In the meantime, keep accumulate more TIIM.

15. Are there any other ways I can earn more besides submitting POS?

Yes, there are 4 ways. We start Stay Home Heroes initiative for this pandemic but other features still remain unchanged.

  • Spinning the lucky wheel 3 times per day to earn up to 199 TIIM per day
  • Sharing Triip app with your friends in referral features to get 33 TIIM for each verified referral.
  • Creating Travel plans for your future Triip when COVID-19 pandemic is gone.
  • Submitting Proof of Travel, I mean old Proof of Travel that you haven’t submitted yet. You still can submit now to get 234 TIIM.

16. Why I can not upload my photo?

Please check those processes:

  • You already enable your location on Setting (Go to setting > choose Triip App > choose location > choose “always")
  • Make sure your internet/3G is good
  • You only can upload once per day

More questions, contact or our Telegram Triip Protocol Discussion Channel.


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