How to become a co-owner of a global travel co-op ?


🎉 Yes, you can 

💡 How ? 

Old, outmoded travel economy
Waste as a status quo. The current travel economy is not only unsustainable but also has limited players.

Travel businesses are currently competing for the same keywords on Search Engines, the same targeted audience on Social Networks and the same banner ads on content sites. Large companies are spending hun- dreds of millions of dollars search optimizing their web presence in this digital arms race.

🚧 Can you become a co-owner of these companies ?  No you can’t unless you are investors living in first world countries. And this is the past.

Fig 1: Centralized companies are limiting your access to global ownership.

A new travel economy.
Triip travel co-op enables anyone to become a co-owner of the platform via a blockchain network that creates an economy of intelligence.

What if we could shake up the status quo? What if we could eliminate the middlemen? What if we could put travelers and service providers in direct contact with each other? What if we could find travel experiences that are more pristine, exclusive, and off the beaten path? What if the users of a travel tech platform could also be co-owners? 
In international waters, there is no third-party arbitrating transactions. There are no laws or official protocols other than natural karma. It’s an “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” kind of thing. Trust doesn’t come automatically. We can ease the passage into the unknown by building a blockchain-powered travel economy where code is the law. 
Triip is the world's first decentralized travel platform that uses blockchain technology to help travelers like you become co-owner. Triip lowers operating costs and increases the margins for tour operators, accommodation owners, and lifestyle business owners. Travelers earn rewards and receive recommendations when they voluntarily share their travel plans with the network. There is no separation between travelers and locals, individuals and businesses, your country, and my country. Everyone is a co-owner of the fairer economy working toward the same goal of creating the holy grail of the travel industry: authenticity, profitability, and sustainability. 

Fig 2: The new decentralised economy where each aspect can be tracked and verified by any individual.

With TriipMiles ownership, all elements of the travel economy will be presented in a network where each aspect can be tracked and verified by any individual. Quality and transparency will be visibly demonstrated. Each group within the Triip  economy will collaborate, process functions and be rewarded with TriipMiles as they make contributions to grow the network and their work is verified. This is accomplished by smart contracts and cannot be controlled or affected by any outside entity.

Your ownership via TriipMiles token.
Propriety cryptocurrency. TriipMiles is the main utility token in the Triip Protocol. It’s used to exchange data and value between Triip  smart contracts, travel businesses, Travelers and locals with a network of partnerships in 229 countries. TriipMiles (TIIM) can then be used to reserve 28,859,813 listings include 5,539,347 listings of homes, apartments and other unique places to stay, and get a 5% rebate in 137,678 destinations in 229 countries and territories. In addition, Travelers can use TIIM to buy one of the 6,000 one-of-a-kind tours in 100 countries, global WIFI data in 131 countries or purchase in-room entertainment as well as book local transportation and get other local services.
There are only 500,000,000 TriipMiles being issued for a market of nearly 2B travelers. 
TriipMiles as a change maker
Blockchain is not just for payments. But payments are just one part of a new travel platform that we are realizing through blockchain.
Smart contracts can be used to create and grow a new travel economy that is better for travelers by being more mindful of their data security and delivering better travel experiences.
Providers who are not reaching them through advertisements but through blockchain-enabled, consent-centered permissions can serve people who are truly interested in their products or services resulting in more conversions and less waste.
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