Apr 2020 Update

Triip May 07, 2020

How does Covid-19 accelerate our growth ?

Dear Triip community,

April 2020 will present unprecedented challenges for the travel industry. At the same time, it has accelerated the biggest deal of 2020 for Triip in record time: 3 hours.

🎯 Triip won a million-dollar contract for exclusive digital pass distribution of a World Heritage Town

Due to Covid-19, the government of a World Heritage Town has decided to speed up its digital transformation from paper tickets to digital tickets. Triip has been chosen to be the technology partner to issue up to 13 million tickets a year. It took our team more than 9 months to follow this deal in 2019. However, the final decision was made after 3-hours of discussion at the end of last month.

🎯 0.5% Transaction fee  for TIIM token applied

20 days ago, we started to turn on TRC-21 and a new revenue stream for Triip, crypto transaction fee. Every crypto transaction fee on the Triip platform will have a 0.5% fee. You can monitor our earning live at this blockchain monitor site

Check Triip live transaction fee here

💰Triip won Build4Covid Global Hackathon with The “Stay Home Heroes” campaign

In response to UNWTO and Facebook's call for initiatives to help reverse the Covid19 pandemic, the Triip team completed in 72 hours a new feature that helps members around the world to perform home isolation. In a happier way.

Triip users will be able to receive 1 TriipMiles every day when taking photos at home for check-in. This campaign helps users share location data for the community and is also a way for Triip to increase users instead of just targeting the traveler community.

Official program website: http://stayhome.triip.me


🚀 e27: “ Lessons from a travel tech startup founder on navigating the pandemic-stricken business landscape"

Like any other business, Triip started the year with fresh positivity and a team huddle to discuss their plans for 2020. They brainstormed ways to encourage people to travel more sustainably, a value that’s at the core of their business. Hai Ho, the CEO and Co-Founder of Triip, was “ready to rock 2020” armed with exciting plans.

Then COVID-19 broke out and disrupted all of those plans. In its wake, Hai and his team found themselves navigating through unfamiliar territory – one where travelling was either restricted or totally banned.

I recently had a quick catch up with Hai, whose team we featured in one of our articles towards the end of last year.

Nina, e27

Full article link

Thank you for reading, we are looking forward to sharing our journey next month.


Sustainably yours,

Triip team