Announcement on the partnership between Triip and Donut Travel

Triip Feb 05, 2021

The future of the travel industry belongs to those who are seen by a smaller audience of travellers as the best in their class for tourism, brands that become synonymous with the word “travel.”

They might even need to have “travel” right in their name.

Triip can help.
While the volume of travelers is at a historic low — the global travel industry in 2020 saw a decrease of around 42.1 percent from the previous year to $396.37 billion (Mobility Market Outlook) — the numbers belie an important truth: there are still trips being taken, rooms being booked, tours being held albeit in limited quantities with greater care and responsibility.

The market and clientele still exist, but are being found by those who are willing to make use of all the tools to make a strong impression on this smaller audience. The defining trait of the tour operator who lives through this phase will be visibility and strategic use of their marketing. As an industry, we need to learn how to make our appeals not to all potential clients or all the web as in traditional advertising, but instead to just this now-precious, rarer quantity: those who still travel.

Triip will continue to boost its partners through its suite of services — among them a proprietary, travel-centered cryptocurrency; nearly 29 million rooms; over 500,000 ticketed tours and attractions and 270,000 users — including a new, powerful tool: the .Travel domain.

Through a new partnership with the world’s largest domain registry operator Donuts Inc., Triip will now offer the premium, top-level .Travel domain name to its partners for dramatically increased web visibility. Triip’s catalogue of over 10,000 local experts with more than 7,000 tours in over 635 cities and 93 countries can now append a .Travel top-level domain to their URL for greater exposure to travellers both within and outside the Triip digital ecosystem.

Starting now, tour operators like Biang Lachappelle in Taiwan can use the Triip’s new domain service to register distinct URLs, like biangstaiwantour.Travel.

“We are delighted to partner with Triip who share a commitment to helping small and medium size travel businesses build and enhance their online presence. With .Travel, Triip's members and partners can have a website address that is memorable, relevant and meaningful to bring their brand to life.” A statement from Donuts Inc.

The .Travel address is not only intuitive and easy to remember, but the tour guides, hoteliers, car services and others on Triip’s platform who follow suit have the added benefits of:

  • Personalized business support from Triip in the domain acquisition.
  • Potentially increased SEO visibility. Top-level domains have the power to increase relevant traffic to a page and bring more of the right kinds of users to a page, which increases a page’s rank within search engines.

This is our plan, bringing more of the world’s travelers to the right tours, the right hotels and the right destinations for them.

About Triip Pte. Ltd:
Triip Pte. Ltd., a VC-backed Singapore-based startup that provides a first-to-market blockchain solution for sustainable travel, while aiming to shake up the $8 trillion travel market industry. Triip’s technology solutions are addressing the biggest problem in the current travel economy, a place dominated by inefficient & giant middlemen, while building incentive-driven and decentralized systems. This breakthrough solution enables never before possible unique, accessible travel experiences.

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About Donuts Inc.
Donuts Inc., the world's largest global registry of over 240 new top-level domains (TLDs). Donuts simplifies and connects a fragmented online world with domain names and related technologies that allow people and businesses to build, market, and own their digital identities. In addition to our travel-related TLDs, Donuts offers a wide variety of clear and meaningful names for use as business identifiers (such as .ltd, .company), navigation (such as .careers, .support), in vertical markets (such as .photography, .cafe, or .builders) or in broad-based generics (such as .social, .world or .live).