2021 and beyond

Triip Jan 04, 2021

Dear Pioneers,

We are extremely grateful for your support in 2020. 2020 has been a strong test for our resilience. Thankfully, we found the light at the end of the tunnel.

In 2020, our Gross Merchandise Value was US$833,516, a little smaller than 2019 of $969,850. However, we achieved this result of 2020 in just 6 months from June to December despite zero income in the first 6 months of the year. Our team has worked much harder than in 2019 to keep our number in good shape.

2020 has taught us so many lessons, especially the path to sustainable growth in this ever-changing world. Now, we would like to share our 2021 - 2030 roadmap with you

Every big journey begins with small steps. We have broken down our 10-year journey into smaller milestones in the next 5 years as below. We are looking forward to sharing each milestone with you. Let's travel together to build the biggest decentralized travel economy

📌 Q1-Q2 2021: People First - growing decentralised team

🎉 Marketing:

- Co-branding partnership with dot.Travel

- Co-branding with Hoi An UNESCO Heritage Town

- Sourcing KOLs for TravelHero.org

🚀 Product:

- Build  Triip Referral v1

- Build Triip Ads v1

- Launch Hoi An Digital Pass

- Launch Triip Travel v2

- Launch Triip Health v1

📌 Q3-Q4 2021: Product First

🎉 Marketing:

- Launch TravelHero.org campaign

- Launch Indigogo campaign for Triip Smart Water Bottle

🚀 Product:

- Launch  Triip Referral v1

- Build Core upgrade: AI/ML. Blockchain v2, KYC v2

- Launch Triip Ads v1

- Launch Triip Shopping v3

- Selling ticket attraction exclusively in Central Vietnam

📌 Q1-Q2 2022 : Performance First
- Scaling up to 10M users

- Hitting Profitability

📌 Q3-Q4 2022 : Revenue First
- Optimising revenue

- Introducing the Travel stable coin USTR

- Launching P2P lending, assurance

📌 Q1-Q2 2023: Progress First Scaling up to 35M users

📌 Q3-Q4 2023: Expansion to other languages

📌 Q1-Q2 2024: Settting up local facility in US Market

📌 Q3-Q4 2024: Protocol First Empowering developers
- Releasing Triip Protocol beta to selected partners

📌 2025: Decentralising at full speed

- Open Data Alliance

- Triip Foundation A community driven organisation to fund for Climate Change & SDG project

-D.A.O Design Challenge

Thank you for your time, we are looking forward to sharing our journey again next month.


Sustainably yours,