10 Eco Homestay in Vietnam (not listing on Agoda and Booking)

Triip May 16, 2020

From the North to the South of Vietnam, check it out!

This post is also available in Vietnamese.

Adante Farm & Lodge - Da Lat
It’s less about where you’re traveling than how you can travel better

National Geographic has asked more than a dozen industry experts what travel looks like in 2020. And “sustainability” is top of mind. “Travelers are increasingly interested in trips that mean something, and for long-term,” says Will Jones, founder of Journeys by Design and Wild Philanthropy.

Even the tourism industry has taken a hit by COVID-19 pandemic, when people have a chance to travel again. The "sustainability" choice will be prioritized. Moreover, as the safety caution, people will prefer homestay more than big hotel.

With our effort to support for our homeland - Vietnam and our government to promote for the domestic travel, along with our core value "sustainability", we will collect all the eco homestay in Vietnam and make a list to share with all travelers.

So far we have 10 eco homestay, share with us if you know more. We will promote these homestay FOR FREE.

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Before we start with the list, do you wonder why Triip don't choose eco homestay listed on Agoda or Booking?

Because if it is on Agoda or Booking, it is easy for you to find. As simple as that ✌️


The north of Vietnam makes a statement with majestic mountain ranges and centuries-old rice terraces.

There are a lot of beautiful eco homestay in the north, especially in Sapa - a picturesque little town in the northwest of Vietnam. But most of those are listed already.

The only eco homestay I know in the north is Rua’s House (House of Turtle) in Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam). In facebook page of Rua, they have another homestay in Sapa. The view is spectacular with the view of the mountain ranges. However around the homestay, there aren’t many trees like Rua’s House in Hanoi. So I don't put it in the list.

Hanoi — Rua’s House (Ruahouse Hilltop)

The homestay name is Rua, means Turtle. So you want to live peacefully for a few days, this is a good choice. Avoiding the noise of Hanoi and the polluted air, take your staycation here.

The owner rebuilt it from the family’s old house. The design maintains the traditional architecture

Location: Tien Phuong, Chuong My, Ha Noi. 10km from Ha Dong.

It already has a lot of trees around the house. When the owner rebuilt this area, she just needed to add a few small trees and the vegetables garden. This is the reason I am quite impressed with the house.

Here are some pictures of the house, especially the bathroom looks romantic yet safe too.

The way lead to the house:

When you first enter throw the way, you will see a stilt house where the owner’s family usually come back at the weekend to relax.

Behind the stilt house is the homestay.

This is where you will stay in Rua’s House, a traditional architecture style in Vietnam.

This is the picture after they rebuilt it

Before the owner rebuilt it:

A place in the house you can enjoy your books

And here, the best part — the bathroom, surrounded with flowers and a bamboo wall.

More information about the rebuilt of the homestay (Vietnamese) —  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Nghiennhaa/885937245163274/

Pictures of the stilt house — https://www.facebook.com/groups/Nghiennhaa/881656165591382

If you like Rua’s House, book with them via Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/rua.homestay

If you have more information about eco homestay in the north (not listed on Agoda and Booking), let me know by filling this form. Maybe because I live in Saigon (the south) and most of my friends live here so we don’t have much information about eco homestay in the north.

Here are other eco homestay (already listed on Agoda and Booking), you can check it. The design is really cool too.


Da Nang— An Nhien Farm

Location: Ba Na valley, Hoa Ninh, Da Nang

What makes an eco homestay? For me, it is not the location but it is the owner with their mindset want to build a truly sustainable homestay.

An Nhien Farm is a dream of a Da Nang girl, coming back her hometown to do farm stay, sustainable travel. She focuses on the sustainability, the harmony of human and nature. All of these things make An Nhien Farm.

Farm has vegetables garden, spices garden, and fruits. There are 2 main areas:

  • A wooden house used as a restaurant and a carpenter area where they make their own chairs and tables.
  • New area for camping
Look at their garden!
Camping area

If you fall in love this place already, contact them! https://www.facebook.com/annhienfarmdanang

Just like the north of Vietnam, I only know 1 eco homestay in the central. So let me know if you have information of other places by filling this form  (remember not listed on Agoda and Booking). Thank you everyone ❤️

Here are other homestay, very green and unique but they already listed on the big site, so I will just mention the name here.


We start with Lam Dong province, with the highlight is Da Lat city (the city of love), famous for beautiful eco homestay among the pine trees.

Ready to see? You will know why they call this city is the city of love. All the homestay look very romantic and chill

Da Lat— Ve Nha (Going Home)

What is the unique thing about this homestay?

They are planning to build a farm and produce homemade products (soap, herb, candle, tea) and organize flea market in an 3,000m2 area.

They also need some volunteers (ladies only). The main responsibilities are working with them to take care the farm and writing. Volunteers have accommodation and 3 meals per day. Need to commit at least 1 month. One day off per week. Work 5 hours per day. The rest of the time you are free to explore the city.

Homestay is beautiful, isn’t it. And in the near future will have flowers everywhere!

Wanna stay in Ve Nha👉https://www.facebook.com/venhacobanhhoatra/

Da Lat— Adante Farm & Lodge

With 5 wooden lodges in the jungle, the only thing you can do here is- relaxing! No Internet and not very well phone connection.

You will be waken up by the birds singing, the sound of the waterfalls. If you plan to stay here, spend all the times for yourself, to be disconnected from the world and reconnect you yourself.

Welcome to Adante —  https://www.facebook.com/Andante.farm.lodge/

Lam Ha Town, Lam Dong Province (a neighbor town of Da lat) — Grasshouse near the Elephant Waterfall

Grasshouse will make you disappointed if you’re looking for a well-equipped place.

Grasshouse only give you a simple place to relax and a good view toward the Elephant Waterfall.

Grasshouse isn’t in Dalat, just a neighbor town. There is no romantic like Da Lat or a view to take good instagram photo.

My suggestion is come here 1 or 2 days to rest and head to Da Lat later.

More information about Grasshouse —  https://www.facebook.com/grasshouseNamban

Tra Vinh and Di Linh — T & A Home and Nature

You want to see more beautiful pictures from T & A Home and Nature? There are none. I think you can see a lot of beautiful homestay in Da Lat. That’s enough.

  • T & A in Di Linh: it’s more about tour. It is a project to improvement the life of K’ho people (a group of ethnic minority in the mountain area). They provide Gia Bac Village Mountain Tour — https://www.facebook.com/TAHomeAndNature/

The owners know English so feel free to contact them via facebook.

Dong Nai — Ba Dat Eco Homestay

This is the only place that I have been to and this is where I know what is an eco homestay like.

Triip — Our company has organized our team building here. This is where we had breakfast

Location: 65km from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). It is very convenient for your weekend trip

Juts like other eco homestay, Ba Dat is surrounded with trees. But the thing people most impress about is the cooking skill of Ba Dat.

What does Ba Dat offer?

  • A big yard which hammocks where you can rest or play game. Even there are a lot of trees in Ba Dat but there is no mosquitoes around.
  • Tri An Lake nearby where you can see spectacular sunrise and sunset. (ri An Lake is a man-made lake that stores water for the Tri An Power Plant in the southern Dong Nai Province. The lake is 323sq.km in area with islands of various sizes.)
  • The homestay owner has trekking tours. He is a sporty guide so let him know what you want and experience in your trip, whether you want an easy trek or a more challenging, try the paddle board in Tri An Lake. He can handle all. If you stay here, you won’t feel bored with all the activties you can do.

Because I have stayed here before so here, a lot of pictures for you to know:

Big yard for those who want to rest or gather for a board game.
After trekking, we have a chance to try the paddle and wait for sunset
No matter you know how to swim or not, you have to wear life jacket. We are newbie so we don’t know how to stand in the board at first

I have to say, Ba Dat has everything. A place to rest, home-made cooked food, activities to do. So it’s up to you. It is suitable for those who just want to be lazy on the hammock or go around.

Do you want to come to Ba Dat? 👉https://www.facebook.com/badathomestay/

Dong Nai — Doc Mo Farm

This is a review from my friend: “In Doc Mo they have organic food, they have their own farm. The food they cook for us is from their garden. They have activities too, such as cooking class. The owner is an architect so the design of the farm looks cool.”

One of a product from the farm

In Doc Mo, you can choose either go for camping when you go with big group, or private bungalow.

I looked through their facebook and saw a lot of home-made products but couldn’t find many pictures of the places or activities.

Visit Doc Mo — https://www.facebook.com/docmofarm

Now we move a bit to Mekong Delta area! The ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam, the delta is carpeted in a dizzying variety of greens.

Dong Thap — The Mandarin Homestay

Visit Mekong Delta, what will they offer? Floating market and FRUITS!

The Mandarin facebook doesn’t update regularly, only some review of Vietnamese people.

But through the reviews and word of mouth, this homestay is a good place to experience the local life as the owner is a enthusiastic tour guide.

I hope in the near future, The Mandarin will update more to connect to more people.

The Mandarin Homestay — https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Mandarin-Homestay/115204399196651

Ca Mau — Con Tom Eco Homestay

Staying Con Tom Eco Homestay and don’t forget to try the eco tour with the owner.

You can learn how to be a local people here: how to recognize different type of shrimps in mangrove forest and visiting southern tip of Vietnam. (Ca Mau is the southernmost city)

Explore Ca Mau in your up coming trip- https://www.facebook.com/contomecohomestay/

Other eco homestay in southern Vietnam (already listed on Agoda and Booking), most of homestay have other eco-friendly activities:

So these are 10 eco homestay that I've known so far in Vietnam. If you know any eco homestay, please filling this form  (remember not listed on Agoda and Booking). Thank you everyone ❤️

With our effort to support for our homeland - Vietnam and our government to promote for the domestic travel, along with our core value "sustainability", we will collect all the eco homestay in Vietnam and make a list to share with all travelers.